It wasn’t too long ago that Plex launched its ad-supported streaming platform. Plex known for its exceptional media organization features officially announced itself as a player in the streaming business at the end of 2019. Plex Streaming Service is completely free. It’s important to note that this streaming service ad-supported. It offers an extensive library of movies, music documentaries, and TV shows.

Plex Streaming Partners

The streaming partners joining hands with Plex include Lionsgate, 1091, Gravitas Movies, MGM, Legendary, Participant, and Warner Brothers. The Plex Streaming Service is available in more than 220 countries. But you need not forget that some titles are geo-restricted and it means that you need to install one of the top VPNs for streaming apps.

No subscription fee is required to open your Plex Account for free streaming. It’s important to mention that Plex Pass is also an option, but it is a paid service. The problem is that the paid Plex account doesn’t remove the ads. But there’s no need to worry too much about the ads because the frequency of these ads isn’t frustrating at all. At least, it’s much better than what you experience with cable TV.

Compatible Devices with Plex Streaming Service

Plex is compatible with Smart TV, Roku, Android, Apple TV, and iOS. The newly released Plex streaming service is basically a rival to Tubi, Vudu’s Movies, Crackle, and Roku Channel. Plex streaming service may win this competition within a few weeks because, unlike most of the free streaming services, the Plex streaming service is available in almost 220 countries.

Do you need a VPN with Plex?

With a free account like this, you’d expect that you wouldn’t need a VPN right? Sadly – you’d be wrong. The truth is that ISPs tend to throttle streaming content all the time and the only way you can really protect yourself is by using a VPN. 

Choosing one of our Top Canada VPNs is a great strategy as they help make sure you’re getting the best speed regardless of where in the country you live. Remember with a good VPN, you’re protected from monitoring of all types and this includes your ISP.

You see, one thing that many people don’t realize is that even if you are paying for unlimited high-speed access, your ISP can choose to throttle your speed if they feel that your usage exceeds whatever arbitrary limit they set. Generally speaking, they focus on streaming media and gaming in this regard, but that’s where a VPN comes into the picture.

With a VPN, they don’t have details of what you’re doing online. ISPs know that with a significant number of Canadians now working from home, throttling services that people could be using for business purposes instead could be disastrous.

Impression of Plex Streaming Service

The organization of the media is similar to what you see with Netflix. The layout, image thumbnails, and genre remind you of Netflix. Like most streaming apps, Plex Streaming Service also presents the most suitable titles based on users’ watch history. This streaming service has almost 70 hubs that keep popping up randomly. When you click on a title, it displays its rating, genre, description, length, year, etc.

Advanced features (Plex Pass) are paid but statistics show that a huge majority of Plex users are satisfied with the free services. This is one of the major reasons the Plex administration decided to release this ad-supported Plex Streaming Service to generate revenue.

How Does Plex Streaming Compare to Kodi?

To be honest, this is very much a comparison of Apples and Oranges. Kodi is an excellent tool in itself and through the use of add-ons, it far surpasses the capabilities of Plex. With Kodi, you can access some of the latest and most recent movies, live sports, and TV shows from across the world, but it’s 100% essential that you use a VPN when doing so.

Plex on the other hand, is a good option for some of the more esoteric shows and web properties that you might struggle to find. Its interface is excellent and by integrating it with your own media collection it’s a good way to watch everything you already have available.

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