5000+ Fast VPN Servers

Speed is essential when browsing the Internet. NordVPN is almost twice as fast as its competitors according to independent tests!

Use the fastest VPN on the market – pick NordVPN 

Global Coverage

Whether you’re looking for a server to bypass censorship and georestrictions, or simply want improved security, with NordVPN, you can find a server anywhere in the world


NordVPN works across all platforms and devices and supports both desktop and mobile. With NordVPN, you can get 24/7 protection no matter where you are or what you’re doing!

No User Tracking

NordVPN has an independently audited no-logs policy that guarantees your privacy and protection. Don’t risk your privacy online – make sure all of your activities are secure with NordVPN.

NordVPN is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a secure virtual private network that offers reliable speeds and top-of-the-line security features.

Nord VPN

It is a super-fast VPN loaded with exciting features that make it user-friendly and highly effective

why you need Nord VPN

NordVPN is a secure, reliable, and robust virtual private network (VPN) that allows you to access the internet safely and securely.

It provides an added layer of protection by encrypting your data before it leaves your device. This ensures your information remains safe from prying eyes while browsing the web.

NordVPN has over 5000 servers in more than 60 countries worldwide, so you can easily unblock content from anywhere. With its reliable connection speeds and zero-logging policy, NordVPN is a must-have for any tech-savvy user who wants to stay safe online.



  • 5000+ Super fast servers
  • Secure and reliable connections
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Multiplatform compatibility
  • Servers located in over 60 countries worldwide
  • Zero logging policy for added privacy
  • Optimized P2P servers make it ideal for torrents
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


Super fast servers located around the world and a 30-day money-back guarantee ensure you’re protected!


With NordLynx for business and 5000+ super fast servers all over the world, NordVPN is one of the fastest VPN providers on the planet

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NordVPN works across all devices and operating systems and can protect everything you own

30-Day Free Trial

The Kill Switch

Worried about your security if the server goes offline? Don’t be – NordVPN has you covered!

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In 2020, NordVPN launched NordLynx, a proprietary VPN protocol. This helped in boosting the VPN’s speed so that the user experience could be improved. This is a secure protocol and an extension of Wireguard which is a more advanced version of older protocols like OpenVPN.

It is no surprise that NordVPN now ranks among the top VPNs all across the globe. It is fast enough to steam videos in exceptional 4K quality. This also lets you have high-quality video conferencing and live streaming in HD video.

All of these benefits are available without compromising on security. 

A major contribution to this progression of NordVPN is NordLynx. This default protocol is two times as fast as other protocols.    

Speed varies greatly based on location and distance, but with over 5000 servers located in 60 countries, NordVPN helps ensure you have access to a fast server, close to you!

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NordVPN is compatible with many devices and it allows you to connect to six devices simultaneously so that everyone can enjoy it. So, it is a great option if you are looking to share this service with your friends, roommate, or your family.

The applications are available for the following:

  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Amazon FireTV
  • Android

Apart from these, NordVPN also provides encrypted proxy extensions for browsers like Edge, Firefox, and Chrome.

NordVPN also offers split tunneling on desktop versions of the software as well as Dark Web and Meshnet monitoring services.

Meshnet is a new form of NordVPN service that allows you to direct and navigate your traffic via another device. This is similar to setting up your VPN server at home and then remotely connecting to the server. 

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Kill switch

You should know that NordVPN is very serious about its zero logs policy and therefore, has created a double NAT system that establishes a secure VPN connection without recording any data on its servers.

But what happens if the VPN server goes offline while you’re connected? Will you lose your protection?

Well, don’t worry – NordVPN has thought about this and has introduced a “Kill Switch” for just this reason. 

So, if the NordVPN server crashes and your connection is no longer secured, then the Kill Switch will terminate all your internet communications.

This will eliminate all possibility of your data being leaked or tracked and it’s a service available for both Windows and Mac devices. 

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Double the Protection

If you are roaming around this site, chances are that you know about the basic functioning of a VPN. So, here is something additional about NordVPN; it comes with the remarkable Double VPN. When it comes to protecting your browser and privacy, then no matter what you do, it will remain ineffective.

This is why NordVPN launched its Double VPN which links together two VPN servers so that there is an additional layer of protection that guarantees to keep you safe. So, the functioning of this is very simple. Your device first connects to the first VPN server which then connects to the second VPN server. All this happens before you reach the browsing destination. This ensures that the destination IP address passes through multiple layers so that your data is encrypted more times. This improves protection and gives you the satisfaction of the mind that your data is safe and secure.

Large VPN Service Provider

Numbers reveal that NordVPN is one of the largest VPN service providers in the world. With more than 5,000 fast servers distributed in 60 countries, NordVPN has the market covered.

Updated Netflix & Streaming Support

Binge-watching shows and movies have become the new normal but don’t you just hate it when you cannot access your favourite show or movie? Well to remedy that, NordVPN has come to your aid with updated Netflix support. NordVPN is constantly evolving and improving itself to help its users gain access to the Netflix content of their choice. You can view a page that contains all the guidelines and instructions you need to access the regional content. NordVPN wants to make sure that nothing stands between you and your desire to watch whatever you want.

Threat Protection

The more you learn about the security features of NordVPN, the more you fall in love with this service. When it comes to maximum security, NordVPN has secured a top ranking. Threat protection is one of many security protocols of this VPN that ensures extra protection for the users. This feature blocks any malicious ads and provides solid security against phishing, malware, and other deadly online threats. 

This nifty tool is also a great protector against those ridiculously annoying DDoS attacks. It also deals with online trackers so that you can surf easily and freely on the internet without leaving any trace.

Every week you are presented with a comprehensive seven-day summary generated by Threat Protection so that you have a good idea about the threats you are exposed to. This also gives you the satisfaction that you are secured, and your VPN is performing well. 

Awesome Offers

Everyone loves a good deal, especially when the quality of the service is equally good, or even better. NordVPN has launched some of the most exciting offers as it has low rates and crazy packages. The 30-day money-back guarantee also shows that NordVPN is in the business of delivering quality and building relationships with its users. 


VPN Overview scored this feature of NordVPN 9.5/10. Now, this is a remarkable and convincing score that shows that NordVPN has a lead in this category. NordVPN has managed to remain beginner-friendly and all its features are easy to navigate and operate. NordVPN’s site is very well organized and clear so that you can easily access all the information you need. Apart from this, the installation process is also quick and so effortless. There are no complex procedures and steps. The apps are also simple to use; NordVPN supports all payment methods as well, so you do not have to worry about difficult payment processes.

One of the greatest aspects of this VPN service that differentiates it from the rest is its extraordinary customer service. People often have serious issues with VPN connectivity, speed, and privacy. And they find the customer service representatives slow and uneducated on the matter. However, NordVPN invests in its customer service and experience; all its team members are easy to reach and get back to quickly in case of an issue or complaint.

No DNS Leaks

Whenever experts test a VPN and its performance, they check for the installation process, the speed, and most importantly the status of the IP address. The primary purpose of a good VPN is to completely mask your actual IP address so that it cannot be tracked or traced. Many standard tests have been conducted by known platforms like dnsleak.com, and they have shown excellent scores for NordVPN.

All you have to do is compare your actual IP address, which you can obtain from your device, and match it with the IP address shown on the site. If they do not match, you are safe, and your VPN works fine.

Torrenting support

NordVPN lets you torrent on any server, but it also has speciality built P2P servers that are designed for torrenting giving you even faster speeds and connectivity. 

Bottomline: Should You Pay for NordVPN?

Isn’t this the billion-dollar question? Well, after all the extensive research and the detailed study, you must have realized what our answer is going to be? NordVPN is one of the best VPN providers on the market and beats other providers across all of the key ratings.

Whether you’re looking for a provider with the fastest servers, the best privacy, the greatest features or the largest coverage, you can’t get better than NordVPN. 

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