The ever-increasing functionality and usability of smartphones are giving rise to some important concerns regarding device security and anonymity. Many people prefer using streaming platforms on smartphones and tablets and will even watch services like Netflix on these devices.

But without a VPN, there are some serious security risks that need to be navigated, as well as other concerns including geo-restrictions. Thanks to the latest VPN versions, most of the services are offering mobile VPN Apps for Android smartphones. Today, I’ll show you the easy way to set up a VPN on Android Phone. Before that, it’s important to see why you need to install a VPN on Android Phone.

Why Install a VPN on Android Phone?

Conventionally, VPN services are meant for desktops and laptops. But the cord-cutting trend has given rise to the use of VPNs for FireSticks, Smart TVs, and other streaming platforms. Today, Android Smartphones are capable of performing anything from video conversations to fast video streaming and it’s all due to the impact of mobile Apps. But with great power, comes great responsibility, and while access to the internet is a blessing, it can also introduce vulnerabilities.

Like other devices connected to the internet, it’s important to protect your Android phone from security risks and possible breaches. For instance, most of us like to connect our smartphones with public WiFi connections and this is where the phone becomes relatively easily accessible to hackers. This is why you need to use a Top Canada VPN service to protect data on your smartphone, stay anonymous, and maintain privacy when using the internet.

Why You Need a VPN

Best VPN for Android Phone

Picking the right VPN for your needs can be complicated based on what you want to do and where you live. If your intentions are focused more on entertainment from around the world, you’re going to want to look for a Top Canada VPN that has lots of fast servers in different countries.

There are lots of different VPN services that you can pick from, but you need to make sure that they have a VPN client for Android as otherwise, it can be quite complicated to set up and configure.

Setting Up a VPN on Android Phone

  • First you need to install the VPN application on the Android Phone. Check out our VPN reviews section for details of which ones are the best in Canada and make sure you select one with a mobile app.
  • After signing up, you need to use your credentials (username/password) to subscribe to the service.
  • The next step with most of the Apps is the specification of the server location. With some apps it’s recommended to use the default server option, but it very much depends on what your intentions are. If you just need it for security, go with a location close to you, alternatively, if you’re looking to access content in a specific part of the world, pick a server in that location.
  • In any case, you have the option to select the preferred location and then you should tap on the Connect button. At this stage, some VPN will show a message confirming that the connection is now protected by encryption.

Setting Up OpenVPN on Android Phone (without App)

Some VPN services don’t have an Android App. In this case, you need to make sure that the particular VPN service is compatible with the OpenVPN protocol.

  • Note down the username/password and any additional credentials of your VPN account because you’ll have to insert this information manually.
  • Note down the IP address of the server you are using.
  • Go to the Settings on your Android Phone and search for the options by typing VPN
  • Select the option VPN to access the VPN menu
  • Now you need to tap on the + button to add the new VPN. Insert name and select PPTP (VPN Type)
  • Now select the option Always on VPN if you want to keep the VPN ON all the time.
  • Tap on Show advance options where you need to specify the DNS server.
  • Tap Save to lock VPN settings.


There are many reasons to consider a VPN for your private or commercial use. However, don’t make the mistake of assuming a VPN will protect you from everything out there, as you should also consider a good antivirus tool as an essential part of your arsenal.

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